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Emergency Amber Alert Disease Alert System Emergency Amber Alert Disease Alert System Mobile Emergency Amber Alert Disease Alert System

Learn about the updated COVID-19 booster guidance.

Delay travel until you are up to date with your COVID-19 vaccines.

If you feel stress, grief, or anxiety during this time, you are not alone.

Prepare Your Health

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Basic Health And Safety Requirements Set


World-Class Automated Germ Reduction Device

GermScan uses ultraviolet rays to disinfect the air and surfaces around you without any chemicals, residue, odor or pollution, making it very easy and safe to use your things everyday.

GermScan does not emit ozone, which is important because ozone is harmful to humans and must be thoroughly removed from a room before people can enter. HLO-7 kills pathogens in the air and on any surfaces the light touches.

GermScan safely kills bacteria or viruses by a lighting strike and leaving a safe, fresh, and odor-free environment without any residue or chemical smell.